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Highland Pro

The Professional’s choice Highland Pro — HLT International’s very own product line features our masking film, paper similar masking film, masking tape, and strainer. High quality… Read More »Highland Pro

HLT International, Inc. - Neways


With 9 world class production lines, fully automatic warehouse, R&D lab and application lab equipped with electron microscope, pyrolysis chromatograph and other high-tech test instruments,… Read More »RMC

HLT International, Inc. - Neways


To provide authentic professionalism in the products we offer. Embarked on a journey since 1978, OW is a renowned manufacturer with over 40 years of… Read More »Neways

HLT International, Inc. - Sata


Duxone® products provide consistent value for money The brand consists of dependable, all-round ancilliary paint products specifically developed for bodyshops seeking value for money.  We’ve… Read More »Duxone

HLT International, Inc. - ANI ITALIA


An energetic push for innovation for over 50 years. ISO 9001 certified since 1996, ANI focuses on increasing automation and constant technological updating of the instrumentation of… Read More »ANI

HLT International, Inc. - Audurra


Professional quality for added efficiency. Audurra™ accessory products brings together 150 years of Axalta’s coating technology and application expertise with the materials and tools that… Read More »Audurra

HLT International, Inc. - Sata


Nason® Finishes are simple, easy-to-use products that customers can rely on to get cost-limited work done right. Nason® undercoats, topcoats and clears deliver Value in… Read More »Nason

HLT International, Inc. - Mirka


Giving people the opportunity to perform better. Mirka Ltd is fully engaged in all details of a solution. We are in constant motion and we… Read More »Mirka

HLT International, Inc. - Colad


Colad, inventing more! Colad is a brand of EMM International — a company that develops new inventions that are essential for effective and efficient paint… Read More »Colad

HLT International, Inc. - Cromax


Drive your productivity. Cromax, a global refinish coating brand from Axalta, is designed to increase productivity. Our coatings are formulated specifically to optimize business with… Read More »Cromax