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Nason® Finishes are simple, easy-to-use products that customers can rely on to get cost-limited work done right. Nason® undercoats, topcoats and clears deliver Value in a Hurry™.

If you want versatile, easy to use paint products that are value-priced, then Nason Finishes is the brand for you.
Nason Finishes is the easy choice for colour matching points and bodyshops that do cost-limited spot and panel repairs as well as overall re-sprays.

Formulated to be fast and easy to apply, Nason products are designed to work together as a system to give you an option when time and money are limited. Nason undercoats are designed go on easy and dry quickly, while Nason clearcoats are designed to help provide a high gloss that lasts. Combined with the Nason Ful-Base Color Mixing System, you should need just one mixing machine to produce thousands of colors for cars and trucks, as well as colors for machinery and equipment. No wonder Nason is known for “Value in a Hurry.”

5 Reasons to choose Nason Finishes:

  • Reliable basecoat & 2K topcoat quality, made in Europe
  • Smooth colour matching thanks to user-friendly and cost-effective colour tools, including spectrophotometer
  • Easy mixing ratios & application
  • Price competitive while being a proven money maker
  • Compact and solid range of ancilliary products

And remember… Nason Finishes is produced by Axalta Coating Systems, a world leader of respected and trusted refinish paint brands.

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